Since 5.6.15, the UK Pie Party has raised £10,000, of which 80% has been given to cancer charities and hospices. 

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What We Do
The UK Pie Party is a travelling Comedy Fundraiser.

We tour festivals and fairs and family fun days and take pies in the face, raising money for cancer charities and hospices.

We set up our Pie Party Stall and our Pie Party Walkabout, selling custard pies for a minimum donation of £1, for children to push in our faces.

We raised £3,000 in 2016.  We aim to surpass that in 2017, with 20 fundraising Pie Days already confirmed.

Festivals we're attending this year include Green Meadows, the Halesworth Big Gig and Maui Waui.

Why We Do it
We want to fundraise for cancer charities and hospices in a way that shows everyone, especially children, that the world is as happy and funny as we make it, despite cancer making us sad.  

UK Pie Party events are all about comedy and laughter.

​Every pie is a fundraising pie which helps a hospice or someone with cancer.
Tony Phillips
Dave Clark
Nicky Vere- Compton
Party Leader, blue Pie thinker, centrifugal force, Stooge
The UK Pie Party is one of a number of Social Enterprise Projects falling under Tony Phillips' charity, the Realife Trust (1077851)
Without whom the Party Leader is nothing
Big Salute to ...
Tony Sobony for founding The American Pie Party